Glasspar G3

The photos below show my G3 in the condition that I found it in.
The windshield is not original. and does not fit.
It is missing the original steering wheel.
It came with a Johnson Super Sea Horse 35 HP motor.
I think it may be the original motor.
I do not know who made the trailer.

After I removed everything from the inside of the boat, I could see some sections of the floor have rotted and the
transom is almost completely gone with a make shift transom board bolted in.

I have been told that this is not the original seat.
I cut out the rotted section of the floor.
The stringers near the rotted floor sections seem good still

Looking behind the dash.

Under the front deck.
Two, or three stringers have completley rotted away.

I'm not sure if the outer ones were originally double,
or if this is signs of a previous repair.

Things I'm looking for: Steering wheel
Original Windshield
Short Shaft 75HP - 100HP Motor
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