1962 Raleigh Gran Sport

The photos below show the bike in the condition that it was in when I got it.

The original rear wheel had been replaced with a Schwinn Varsity wheel which I quickly discarded.
I temporarily have a Campagnolo wheel in the bike
The original rear hub was a BH Racelite with a 3/8" axle. The Campagnolo 10mm axle is too big to fit into the slot.
Please contact me if you have a rear BH Racelite hub or whole wheel to sell or trade.

Both of the shifters are identically bent back. I have never seen shifters modified like this before.

The original bars and brake levers have been changed.
Fortunately, I have a second set of bars and levers on another Gran Sport that I will be parting out.

The bike shop decal is not in the best condition.
It looks like Ed "POP" Watson Cycle Shop.
If anyone recognizes this shop decal, please contact me.

There is a useful page which explains Raleigh serail numbers on "The Head Badge"
Raleigh Serial Numbers

The US and UK versions of the Raleigh catalog can be seen on bulgier.net
The photo below shows the Gran Sport's head set after removal and cleaning. It appears to be the same head set that was used on other Raleigh models like the Sports and Tourist. Does anyone know the timeline of manufacture of these head sets?
Raleigh Gran Sport Head Set
The picture below shows the Gran Sport Shifters from my parts bike.
Notice the black parts on the shifter clamp where the shifters mount.
Gran Sport Shifters
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