1974 Jack Taylor International
This is how the bike looks right now. I took this photo while riding at L'ERoica California on April 12th, 2015.
I have exchanged the short 3T stem that came on the bike for a longer one and put on new bar tape.
Jack Taylor at L'Eroica California
The photos below were taken when I got the bike, before I made any changes.

Weyless Bottle Cage(1975-1978) Velobase

Ealy Model SunTour Spirt Reverse Action Front Derailleur (1976-1984 Velobase
Sugino Super Maxy Cranks (Date code I-10 on drive side and I-8 on non-drive side 1979?
Vintage Trek Sugino Crank Code 5

Shimano Titlist GS Rear Derailleur (1971-? Disraeli Gears

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